Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A story of dialysis, gencon and gary gygax's dice part 4

The run went well, this time, limited weakness and I wasn't so worn out.  After my companions showed I drove a few hours before falling into the exhaustion of post dialysis.  Derek would drive when it wasn't me.  Neither of us trusted Brian's driving.  Guard rails and pylons often animated and attacked the cars he piloted.  Collapsed in the back I would wake to be the night driver.

Driving would be hard, we had two days to be in Omaha.  The drive to Reno was short, due to them having an open chair for me.  Only Salt Lake and Omaha had openings that fit me in.  I had been on the phone with probably fifty units setting up this trip. Getting units lined up and along with back up and emergency units warned that I would be traveling.  If you ever played that don't step on lava game, that is sort of like dialysis travel. You are safe in the unit but the second you get out the timer starts to get to the next.

Omaha wasn't bad though we hoped to visit Marlin Perkins who had apparently died over a decade past.  Brian found his way to the local gaming parlor during my run.  I returned to find he had turtled his imperial guard to a win in the evenings Warhammer tournament.

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