Friday, May 04, 2012

A story of dialysis, gencon and gary gygax's dice part 1

In the depth of my illness I was shuttered with fear.  Kidneys failed and near daily dialysis had left me a shell of myself.  There was hope in a transplant though no operation is without risk and being large there was risk.  Because of this I was gripped in fright.  I needed a totem or talisman to remove fear and offer up some protection.  It was this need that started a voyage and quest.  Three travelers men of Edenvale sought a treasure that that could not be bought.

I, no hero, drowned is sickness on the trip to return home and live or die. This is the tale of the other two, good friends mourning me before I said goodbye.  Derek Long haired played guitar in a metal band and spent far too much time in the arcade along with me.  Brian the dungeon master seemed foolish but was cleaver and shrewd.  Here was our company that took the road. Through maps and months planning I finally had a route that accounted for alternating days of driving and hours at a dialysis unit each in a new town.  Some stretches would be close, we would drive with the hammer down others would require a short drive then long waiting.  The driving was no pleasure cruise, some of those had on ship dialysis which is very convenient.

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