Monday, May 07, 2012

A story of dialysis, gencon and gary gygax's dice part 2

We headed east creeping our way through the land. Over the great mountains ever toward Indianapolis, which had long called us like a beacon.  This the dreamed journey of boyhood, with caution and savings thrown to the wind. Death and reading far too much of the German Idealists often renders experience in higher regard than money. Also I was being a selfish dick, what would my wife have after all this. But she encourage me, as a way of loving me, and I rationalized finally deciding to go.

I don't want to be mysterious so let me explain.  You are perhaps a normal person, dear reader.  Raised well and didn't fall outside of society or through the cracks.  But for some of us though, life throws a curve, and we ended up playing dungeons and dragons. In the darkness of a garage or basement we gathered, with foolish jokes and others like ourselves.  We are nerds! If you can imagine use all getting together for a few days, all in costume with our dice and books.  The horror that came to mind is called Gencon and is far realer than you would have hoped.  It was our destination, a Mecca for three broken souls.

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