Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Commuity leaf pile

I am considering taking mounds and mounds of leaves to a park this fall.  Like really tons and inviting others to do the same.  We all meet at some park on a sunny autumn afternoon and and just dump leaves into a pile.  But not just a pile like a mound a shrine for the fallen leaves.  Something like thirteen feet tall and forty foot in diameter.  Really even bigger like an Iroquois long house of leaves. 

From there people could just run through it.  I am figuring it would be fun for my kid but it probably would attract those horrible hipster people.  Ugh that could be worse than lacing the leaf pile with dog crap.I will have to think of some way to be very authentic, that is the bane of  those people.

Through comments could you give me a little sign if you would be up for something like this.  It would be in San Jose somewhere in the South if it happens.  But I would really need leaves like 300 cubic yards or so.  How would November 17th at noon strike you.  Maybe at Carra Belle park.

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