Monday, August 13, 2012

Krampus for Christmas Revision 1

A little girl watched the monster next door,
Furry and clawed one hoof one foot pawed.
He backyard barbecued for the neighbor,
Singing to journey, burger and hot dogs.

Now her parents had said monster weren't real,
But here one was next door grilling with zeal.
She had watched it since moving in next door,
Afraid at first, but growing brave daily more.

The monster slept in a little dog house,
Even though he big and mostly stuck out.
He didn't make messes, was nice to the dog
Little girl not scared but It was wrong.

He wasn't Bigfoot or even the yeti,
He looked most like Iron maiden's Eddie.
And none of her friends had monsters next door,
Even the kid who let cats crap on his floor.

The Monster didn't see the girl watching,
He cooked for an army, the dog and him.
still more food he just kept the grill grilling.
until he saw a leaf fall from a limb.

This wouldn't have mattered on another day,
But the fire still blazing he walked away.
Dogs and burgers left alone and burning,
The monster felt a Christmastime yearning.

The beast tore into box loaded rafters.
untangling string lights with merry laughter.
This was no ordinary monster you see,
But a Christmas monster the best to be!

Sure he whipped the wicked when it was earned
And boiled with a hatred that always burned
and thought children were delicious to dine
But he kept the Christmas like olden times!

We shall call him Krampus it was his name,
Though early Kampus felt late all the same.
Moving the Calendar forward circling dates,
Krampus counted days and mustn't be late.

it was still summer? it was you'll see!
Still Thanksgiving and Halloween to go,
But Krampus worried about getting a tree.
Who tells a monster he is wrong? ya know?

Others loved fall for candy bought in July
Or pumpkin spice doughnuts, carbs are a lie!
But Krampus checked up on Santa's bad list
Cut switches snapping with a turn of wrist.

One would be left exhausted with worry
If not starting preparations very early!

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