Tuesday, August 14, 2012

De Profundis A response from Mr. Rast


              I must relate some knowledge inspired by the poem you inscribed.  For some terrible yet unknown reason, I have begun the study of modern poets.  I suppose no American can picture such a thing, but poetry is well alive in England.  The work you mention is attributed to William Butler Yeats.  A minor Irish poet who's work often borders esoterica.  Often graven with odd letter and grotesque designs some works make mentions of an order of the eastern temple.  I suspect masonry!

Your Affectionate reader

Gurdjieff K. Rast

p.s. I love this writing game.

My Fellow Gentlemen

This is indeed illuminating.  Masonry?  The Order Tempi Orientalis?  These names mean little to be but seem sinister.  I shall invested myself in these subjects, I pray others will take up my cause as well.  I fear this goes well beyond the confines of my southern parkway.

I am most grateful to you Mr. Rast for your response.  We are now with a direction when before there was none.  I will thank you now for your further assistance.

Grave times indeed,
J.L. Reichl

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