Thursday, August 09, 2012

De Profundis episle the third

Response to my secondary missive was even less cogent.  Now the author has taken a common amphibian as a proper name.  

 " I had no idea Iron Maiden could have such a troubling effect upon a person. I am truly vexed.


Shocked, I continued undeterred, though I began to feel the grim forces at work were perhaps already taking hold within my small circle of writers.

My Fellow Gentlemen

I am amiss at your last missive.  Surely an evening within the deadly device of torture would produce an imbalance of the tempers of ones mind.  Though truly I do not understand the inclusion, unless you are aware of further armament of this Legion host.

Again I must turn to you my fellows, those outside this circle of letters would assuredly not grasp what I speak.

My travels of the night past again found me in the proximity of the park.  It calls me like a love parted by war and distance.  This past eve was cool as winds swirled about the trees.  Either foolish or bold perhaps both I edge further around the green.  My hope a less obstructed view than that provided on previous nocturnes.   To this I was rewarded or cursed, as I saw them.  An arrayed force of the underworld throwing off a ghastly nimbus of faint green.  Each wickedly armed and  columned in marching form.

A sane man I fled and prayed.  Am I mistaken to believe one of you fellows to be of the clothe as is said? 

My thanks dearest friends
J.L. Reichl 

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