Friday, August 31, 2012

I am no messanger

I find myself at a loss.  The world I arrive at today is not to my tastes and the one I would want is to no one Else's.  I see us moving to this guiltless society of self interest.  Hungry and greedy we accept ideas that render us a machine of selfish genes, so we are no longer culpable. We slowly turn anyone who stands up and says no into a bigot or fool.  Even if they do its slander or lies and all our laws protect us from someone who would speak out with justice.  Our laws and justice sit in opposition we have come so far.  This would drives around childish wants that look only to the outside.  There is no inner no silent no North.  There is no stoic. Be strong and useful, generous and committed.  Intractable in loyalty when it is earned and met out evil with a just hand.  No longer stand but push back and when they tell how you have been wrong say we are not that anymore.  Don't let your words be the wind through straw and burlap, shout them out loud.

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