Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Growing on me

Have you ever seen something right down to its soul and thought I don't need that?  That is the renunciation people are talking about.  It doesn't happen when you think I don't need stuff but some people will try to tell you that is the way.  It's when you look at something and understand it and yourself.  You look at the thing and feel no I don't want to be the sort person who is of it.  I don't want a telescope as I am not an astronomer or I don't want drum I am not a musician.  This is parity of knowledge.  Knowledge of self and knowledge or the item.  Let me ask how you are going to understand self and outside connections without feeling those connections to begin with.  Then go beyond and figure out what you want to be, I bet you should get the tools of that job or hobby.  Materialism is not bad if you understand yourself and what you mean to do with these things. 

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