Thursday, August 09, 2012

De Profundis the second part

The response to my primary letter were incredulous at best

"Huh?"  "Beware the blue pills... beware."

I set myself to the task of erudition of my literary circle, Here is my further attempt at correspondence.

My Fellow Gentlemen

Perhaps my previous epistle was indulgent in verse when prose was better served.  I will endeavor to better explain myself.  The night in question was late in the month of July, the hour past sunset for the time.  My studies into the chronology of the mater would put the clock sway perhaps Nine and a quarter past the hour.   Meteorological the temperature of the evening was unseasonably high whilst the barometer a bit for a mystery to me.  The Laymen would characterize the temperature as muggy.

It was upon the evening walk that I encountered the unknown.  To the south of the estate which I inhabit is a park.  Not a grand park as in old New York but a deep rural wold of trees and grass.  Often its employ if for the droll contest the Scots call Golf.   As to this the greensward was left a mix of rough and groomed elements.  But the games is in whole not played within the darkened hours of the day.  As such the neither lawn nor park are alight.

Here my tale beings.  Me the unsuspecting viewer walking amongst the heliotropes only walking in the evening to improve composure and constitution.  From my nocturnal vantage of a corner I spied deep into the on goings of the far wood hidden in the part.  La Pont Noir!  Ultima Thule!

I discerned lights and shapes in parade with my far gazing.  Growing nearer from afar in the end these presented upon myself the image of eyes.  Monstrous nay demonic eyes from the dark. I recoil in fear. Though this can not proceed further.  I must inform the constabulary.   They will think me mad.  But I speak in truth.

Dearest sir set forth a wise course of action. 

I am sorry to effect such vulgar script.  I pray you are advise without such course diction.
J.L. Reichl 

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