Thursday, August 30, 2012

De Profundis: An alarmed letter

My Fellow Gentlemen

The host is not bound to confines, as I had hoped.  I had the presumption the creatures would remain at bay, held to the park as if some darkly consecrated patch of land.  This foolish believe remained a hobgoblin of the mind until the night last.  Fear my fellows the horde is unbound.

Mayhaps these events will jar your pen from silence.  I am unversed as to those called "The Elder Ones" though I fear some strange dwellers of the greensward hold them in sway.  My God what is a simple man to make of this. Heaven on high opens and wheels above to strip the mind with any mantle of the sane.  What protection and firth can be sought.

Then there is this name Crowley, I fear this name too.  Assuredly it will be found on the roosters of the eastern temple and under a dark number. 

Yours very Truly
J.L. Reichl

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