Friday, August 10, 2012

De Profundis: The fourth letter

My Fellow Gentlemen

    I was dismayed at the spectral response my previous missive invoked.  Perhaps you were cast into wonder by my tale of phantasmagoria.  I assure all within is true.  I consult with you my fellow scribblers for further insights into these happenings or perhaps a like minded anecdote to assure myself sane.  I will further endeavor if only to chronicle my own descent.

    My investigations into the night time haunting of the greensward located southerly of my estate proved fruitful today.  Impatient I journeyed into the park with the safety of broad daylight.  The denizens of the sporting club paid me little mind, gentry I was beneath their consideration.

    The establishment was neatly manicured and wholly sincere from the strolling paths that allowed access to the golfing pitches.  It was not until I veered from the narrow way of the path that I found what is sought.

    After some work I found myself within a hallow created by life and fell trees.  It was here I first encountered a sinister turn of humor.  The air itself oppressive I did not intend to linger but I could apprehend the location had been used on several occasions.  The ground well worn and glass and wax remains were cast off for the undergrowth.  It was amongst this refuse I spied my first clue though it was in truth little more than a torn fragment of a tome.  The text itself was banal and uninformative but the fragment did hold a title.  The book in question was a translation of the Lesser Key of Solomon by a minor British scholar S.L.M. Mathers. 

    My insight into the maters within the book are stunted at best.  I believe it points toward a theosophical society but even this I am unsure.  The noted professor of eastern mysticism Cornelious R. Woest has been included in my series of missives perhaps he could illuminate us.

My many thanks for your indulgence
J.L. Reichl

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