Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A few movies I would like to see remade

Hollywood has gone through it's big remake phase and is slowing down on the craze a bit now.  But I wanted to comment on three movies I would like to see remade.  It's a pretty cheap thing to post about but you know I am always looking for an easy post.

Sergent York: I liked watching this in school and think it could be turned into a a pretty slick modern WWI movie.  I would love to see some of the intense action of something like the beginning of Saving Private Ryan.  That is the first and last positive thing i will say about Speilberg I hate his work.  That beginning was good the rest of the film sucked hard.  If you feel differently you are very very wrong.  Just go watch full metal jacket and you will understand.

The Seventh Seal: I don't really think they are going to do better by remaking Bergman I just think people would watch it not being in a foreign language.  Its a good existential film that probably wouldn't carry over.  I am guessing it may get people to check out the original.  Though I would like to see John Cusack in the Jons role.

Metropolis: This is probably going against the grain but I feel Thea von Harbou altered Lang's original vision to the point the movie must be reconstructed to replace the elements of magic and spirituality versus technology.  In many ways that idea has been addressed by Blade runner which is why I would like to see Ridley Scott behind this work.  Along with enough people concerned with the film to get it right.

El Miedo no ando en Burro: I saw some of this movie while eating at one of my favorite local hole in the wall Mexican restaurants.  I don't speak Spanish but I laughed at it.  I bet i would have laughed more if it was in English.

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