Monday, April 08, 2013

Experiment with personal openness at work.

Howdy folks

I am starting an experiment today at work.  My idea is that if people had more of a connection then communication is going to be easier.  For now I am starting with a series of objects on my desk positioned in a pretty visible location that are a short hand for my personal interests.  I am going to leave them set out for now and see if they generate acknowledgement from my co workers.  If I do not get interest I will add further items are more reflective of my interests until my cube is full of gaming and metal and I become that guy.

So far I am starting small, my short hand objects are the following:

  • Tempest Pint Glass:  to reflect my love of old video games.
  • 20 Sided dice: for my table top roleplaying game fanaticism
  • Name Tag written in Maiden font: For my love of Metal!!!

I am going to keep this updated and I invite you to try it out too.  Please comment your experiences as I think this could be of use to people who are severely introverted such as myself.


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