Monday, April 22, 2013

De Profundis: A Seaside artist colony

My Fellow Gentlemen

I ramble far and wide, desirous of some release from this encompassing predicament.  Oft I travel the hills alone hoping for moments free from Mathers and Crowley haunting my mind.  I have nearly abandoned my home these past months, which can be attested to by my lack of correspondence.

Some weeks past my attention was drawn to a seaside artists community, south of my estate.  The mounts that lie coastal are a home for a great many religious and artistic sects.  Many driven by some hair brained guru or pastor.  This appeared to be established to ingratiate artists to well held patrons. Most works featuring the sea or the golden hills which are locally prominent.

It has been work of aquatic nature that has my attention wrapped of late.  Many works of dolphins and seals can be had for a paltry sum.  Nearly every studio has depictions of the animals in some medium.  These were banal, it was the cuddle fish which drew my eye.  In the dark corners of a shop I came upon a trio of odd work.  Inquiry told they were the work of the attending artists colleague, who worked in heavy seclusion and sold piece through a select group of friends. The piece was rare and elemental, I thought some ceramic or even jade at times but it was another mineral unknown.

Negotiation was intractable and the purchase was with some financial burden, but it was mine.  My return home has not been without efforts.  The estate was well secured in my absence and well in need of a mustering out.  I was only in spare moment that I placed the sculpture upon my mantle when the bell would return me attentions to the matters I had longed to escape.

Only a calling card but a meeting is expected, one I wish to postpone indefinitely.

Yours very truly
J.L. Reich

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