Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Svegrund the barbarian burned to the ground

Well I decided to move on with my TRing of Svegrund last night.  I was thinking of sticking it out to max out my Legendary Dreadnought epic destiny but it seemed like a good time to move on.  I was back up to 200 epic to, err tokens of the twelve and had finished a lit2 bow.

My new version of the Sveg was back to bard to start and then two levels of ranger were tacked on.  I have some weird plan of Spellsinger 1 with Arcane Archer 1.  I am really not sure how to go about doing that.  My plan is 7 Bard and 13 ranger so I can get displacement too.  I can tell you my stats were as follows.

Strength 12
Con       16
Dex       18
int          8
wis         8
Chr        14

My feat choices were force of personality and toughness.  Not sure if those were a mistake, because i am a bit behind on my Bow-ness.  I grabbed weapon focus at third level.  I think my next will be Point Black Shot at 6th, and Maximize at 9th or 12th.  I guess from there I need some sort of Shot on the Run feat.  I am really not sure about that one as it takes dodge and mobility and most archers seem to just stand in epic quest.  Let me know if I need it, ok!

I am trying to keep my perform and search skills up in my ranger levels, while keeping UMD and Diplomacy up in my bard levels.  I may be missing some jump which sucks and sneak will suffer. 

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