Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kickstarter Review: Transhuman the eclipse phase players guide

I am a fan of the Ellipse Phase line of products despite finding some of the political aspects of the game annoying.  Its just a bit too liberal / socialist for my tastes.  Though I generally agree on demand creation of material goods will perhaps derail capitalism, their reputation based societies seem equality unsustainable.  Working in the business world you see people who's only value is some schmoozing reputation, that just isn't going to work.  The artistic social paradise has the social parasitism of communism on the other side of the coin.  But that is whatever.

The rest of eclipse phase is a really heady game, that makes you think.  It has the feel of potential near future that Shadowrun or Cyberpunk did in the 80's.  The rules are fast and easy.  The setting is now really getting fleshed out with gatecrashing, rimward and sunward. 

The kick starter gives you a great opportunity to get into the game without a big initial cost.  If you look at the $60 and $30 backer level you are getting a bunch of pdf's for a low entry fee.  I have the hardcovers for all the books except rimward, they are not cheap.  They are nice quality books but cost a fair amount.  If you go with these PDF options you can get into the game easily and cheaply.

Go with the $60 investment if you are new to the system as it gives you the core rules in pdf form along with other books.  I think the $30 is great if you already have the core rules.  You change check it out here

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