Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Game Review: The Red Star

To follow up on the review I just did for Guardian Legend, I am giving you The Red Star.  This game kicks all sort of ass and In retro fashion.  The game has a number of levels that jump between styles of old shoot games that is just a freaking love fest for old games. 

Much of the game is a beater style with a feel of something like Captain Commando or Knights of the Round.  Then something happens and it changes in an instant.  A giant aircraft busts thought the roof and you are doing one of those dogging a thousand bullet Raiden things.  You fight the end boss as something out of street fighter.   The was a level that was like carrier airwing that went left.  It went fucking left!  somethings felt like the commando/MERCs games.  It just constantly hit me with something that felt like a blast from the past. 

I can't tell you how pissed i was that this didn't come out on xbox, I pretty much bought the ps2 for this thing.  A used on sure but that is how much i was into this game, well and I wanted to check out God of War.  This one was a bit more fun than the god of war thing.  I see its available for the Ios so I may have to pick it up again, having given my ps2 away.

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