Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Game Review: 8 Eyes

This was one of the games I picked up for cheap, I sort of always was going for the cheap games as I didn't have big cash in those days.  Well that is still the same today really but whatever.  I think I grabbed it at the game place in Eastridge mall.  It was downstairs by the JC Penny's.  Sort of a counter with games that they let you play for a few minutes, but only if the game was popular or they wanted to open it already.

I picked this one up after borrowing my cousins copy of Simon's quest and thinking this seems pretty much the same but cheaper.  I was very very right!  You are supposed to be a fencer with a sword that strangely looks like Simon's extended whip.    You are going from castle to castle battling through the mission with your bird friend and then doing a boss battle.  Each boss or zone has a particular weapon that everything is weak against.  I guess that gives it a bit of a megaman influence but it seemed to be pretty light.  The first boss you use your bird to take out in the most boring fashion possible.

After each villain you get a new weapon and a jewel for the end of the game.  This was were the game got weird, it threw a logic puzzle at you.  Honestly that was just strange, the only other game I have ever encountered a logic puzzle in was Centauri Alliance.  Its just an odd thing to get in a video game, Stop now work this out!  Ok i am actually very good at them and it was not problem but just odd!

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