Friday, April 19, 2013

Opening up my game design to you.

Hi folks, I am going to make a request for a particular type of comment.  What I am looking for are thinks you feel a good pen and paper roleplaying game should be able to do.  I am going to use them like a set of user requirements and respond back with documentation of the rules I create for them.  Or perhaps even a battle report if it is something that needs such a break down.

To start you out here are a few of my own.  I will talk about them more later but there will be at least a basic response now.

  • The rules should allow for scaling levels of detail mid game. I plan to have rules that can allow the game to be dialed into a spy, magic heavy or combat heavy setting with a few hours of work.  Once this is done you can scale in and out of level of detail within minutes.  This is mainly having a board skill at the zoomed out level and more detailed skills that are derived from that broad skill when zoomed in.
  • Rules should support Fantasy, Modern and Sci Fi settings. I am hoping to do this we will see, I have plans for guns and ballistic weapons.
  • Video Game style combat should be supported. I am wanted to create cards that represent move that the characters can execute.  These would be something like the feats of D&D but more mapped to the Hex Grid and more over the top.
  • Magic system that unified but complex enough to have varied schools and feels:  So I don't want a bunch of little magic systems that all feel slightly different.  What I do want is one wizard to have taken a path that is vastly different than another.  Perhaps even the two having an in ability to cast each others spell.  This might be something like the difference between a vivimancer and elemental mage in HARP or the modes of Talislanta.  
From you I just want ideas and I will do my best to address them in the rules.  They will talked about here on the site and  go into the game credits.

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