Monday, April 29, 2013

Adventure Plot Seed: The Bear King

I am often reading books like Barbie A Mermaid's Tale 2 or Brave to my daughter at night.   I am trying to reach adequate level as a parent, its a far off but attainable goal. For those unfamiliar a spell turns the queen and three princes into bears.  The brave princess must undo the spell or they will be bears forever.  The king almost kills the queen thinking she is a bear , things are restored , Disney ending.

The consequences of failure where what interested me.  Perhaps the King killed the queen and made the spell permanent.  Damning the princes to a life as bears and a whole lot of grief.  That is what interests me for a plot hook or seed.

Start with a kingdom in ruin and the king overcome with grief.  The hunting of bears forbidden as his sons are now bears, the lands are over populated with the animals.  Perhaps they party is attacked by a bear and they slay it and are imprisoned by the king and his small group of guards that have remained.  Perhaps  higher level players have some magic to undo the curse. 

I could see something like a den of the brother with three paragon bears in pathfinder terms.  Maybe a crumbling castle of the mad bear king. 

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