Monday, April 15, 2013

Microsoft Tech Support gave me a call over the weekend.

Over the weekend , Alex , from Microsoft gave me a call.  I guess my machine has been sending out numerous error messages and he was kind enough to give me a call.  Al had a thick accent so I assumed he was from offshore; wanting to make him feel comfortable I took the liberty to call him Alejandro for the rest of the call.

I asked what was up and he said my machine had been sending out error messages and that malware had been installed on my machine.  This is obviously a big concern, no one wants their security compromised.  There is an entire sector of the software industry devoted to malware and security.  In fact if you look over at the resume section of this blog you will see I work for Symantec.  This dude has my fucking attention!

He said he could show me the problem on my machine.  This was some lucky shit because I hadn't see any sort of warning of my box acting up.  Now I have to confess i am a little forgetful since I have been on Prograf for my kidney transplant, sometimes things sit on the tip of my tongue, I often type the opposite homonym even if I know the correct one.  This happened again over the call, which sucks.  When asked for my operating system, instead of saying Windows 7, I said Amiga os 4.1 update 5.  My bad eh!

I guess this threw Alejandro for a bit of a loop, he said "Amigos?" It was cool though I said " Yeah bro you are totally helping me out we are Amigos."  I guess he was actually confused by Amiga Os and had me spell it out.  Next I heard some language I didn't understand and "Amiga OS 4.1?"  I was feeling pretty shitty now, Alejandro wasn't speaking Spanish.  I guess I was being a bit of a dick assuming he was.   Maybe he was from Brazil like the guys from Seplatura or something.

Al was still having problems, so I did my best to explain the nature of the Amiga OS project.  He really could have just looked it up on wiki, that is where I was reading from.  I guess our call got cut short or something because the connection ended some point after my confused explanation that nothing on my machine was actually a Microsoft product.  Actually though it totally is I use Windows and MS Office a bunch.  I really hope I can get back in touch with him as this could be a big problem.  If anyone has his number please pass it along.

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