Friday, April 05, 2013

Notes from the Playtest of my RPG last night

well we did some rolls and combat and it just was not very deadly.  I need to do a rework of the weapons to get them up to speed with actually making combat scary.  We are using a setting that is something of a serious red dwarf game.  I have the characters using what amount to airsoft pistols , figuring they would not use firearms on a space ship.  This needs to be changed as the combat just wasn't right last night.

I have melee weapons doing variations of a physical strength roll plus some number of points. That seems ok and makes players nervous, but the guns just don't.  A D4 damage pistol is nothing.  Numerically that may be right for the airsoft but not for a game.

I am currently reworking the equipment with a mind for creating something that is useful for combat.  I am taking the SCRUM ideas from work an setting up a series of use cases that need to be reflected in the rules.  Thinks like a sniper killing a person in one shot or the grenade / baby  thought experiment from Shadowrun.

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