Thursday, April 04, 2013

Pre made Scrum tasks for QA

I saw someone here at work printed out a list of tasks directly from the electronic version of the scrum board and just taped them to the board.  That got me thinking of what I could do to make my life easier in terms of scrum. 

I have long wanted a stamp that was basically the information here that i could stamp my post it notes with.  I have no idea how much that would be and it wouldn't save me much time as I would need to write down the task department and time.  So I worked out a set of pre made tasks for quality assurance.  These tasks are almost always the same for me so I can use this 90% of the time and not have any problems.  I even left and empty one just in case.

If this helps you in any way that is great.  I know I need help dealing with electronic and physical scrum boards what a pain in the ass. 

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