Friday, April 12, 2013

DDO Tokens of the Twelve rewards are insulting

I have been running around for a week or so in my post 20 barbarian life and am oft getting screwed on Tokens of the twelve.  This is a bit of a worrying development as I am not sure if they are driving me to run the House Cannith Challenges or there is some sort of bug.

Two nights ago I ran with Poppy Cleric, not sure of name, and some other folks the Black Loch quest on Epic Elite.  We died and were at least somewhat challenged and in my mind I was think, ok this will be worth a full token.  Nope it was worth none, well 8 fragments that were rewarded during the quest.  I didn't know what to think of that but moved on disappointed but not angry.

Then last night occurs I am running with Toafet and a few folks of his friends and head into the sands.  We do The chamber of Raiyum on Epic Hard and actually I am rewarded a full token and 38 fragments.  It ended up being 51 with the fragments awarded during the quest.  All is good I am happy.  We move on and run Offering of Blood on Epic Hard.  I am excited as I actually needed this for flagging but then we see the Epic chest.  We each go A token of the twelve, I have never even seen that load of fuck before, A token.  That was just telling us to fuck off.

Dude Turbine I have been on your side playing telling folks about the game I love in the face of them playing other games.  Fighting the fight of True metal and DDO on two fronts.  You could have my back.  You could not care.  But don't tell me to fuck off!  I am playing monthly doing the right stuff for you!

Ok how do you make amends here?  Well fix tokens for one.  I am not asking for more, I will get my 20 on my own and TR.  Really that's it, just don't be insulting dicks to your players, with A Bull Shit Token.

Feeling more remorse put old Svegrund in the game.  I propose Svegrunds Axe: +1 great axe, songblade.

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