Monday, April 01, 2013

Kickstarter review: Legendary Monster

I wanted to point you two a new kick starter project called Legendary Monsters .   All are based off of  classic creatures of crytozoology.  So if you loved In Search of  or MonsterQuest this may be of interest.  I guess it is actually more than a set of action figures but a full battling gaming!

As some of you know I am all about the suburban legends and have documented many of the tales surrounding Hick's Road here in my home town of San Jose.  This figures are a bit over the top but still you are not going to find an action figure of the Jersey Devil or Mothman.  You sure wont find a game with them battling it out in arena combat.  

The stretch goals are a bit weak on this one is my only complaint.  They basically give you more combat cards.  This will allow you to play other monsters but you don't get action figures.  Also no satanically robed pale folks from New Almaden, but what are you going to do.  Still cool for a very particular group of weirdos such as myself.

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