Monday, April 22, 2013

Music Review: Tytan, Rough Justice

I found a song called the watcher on youtube a couple of days ago.  I have since become totally raving mad for this long dead new wave of british heavy metal band.  These guys are great!  Very D&D metal just the way I like it.

Ok lets be straight up this is going to be a touch lighter than most of the other bands of the era.  Sort of like Def Leppard there is a glam element hidden down in the rifts.  But that is small, coming out as being a more slick than some of the other recorded of the early 80's.  I think this was put down in 83 and finally released in 85.  It does not have the gritty sound of something like Burning the Cross. 

Many of the other songs have the similar fantasy feel you hear in The watcher.  Blindmen and fools has a pretty quiet beginning and then gets chugging along finally.   I think you are going to enjoy this if you are a Maiden fan, Saxon Fan or Manowar fan.  It has the high clean vocal of all of those, mildly aggressive riff based guitars and a driven but by no means speed metal rhythm section.

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