Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kickstarter: Robotech RPG Tactics

This is one I am not sure about.  It made its funding goal in three hours and is going insane still.  I don't think they actually expected the interest as they didn't have a funding goal at first.  They added one and almost instantly hit it, with a second added that is going to be achieved any minute.  Here is the URL for you to check it out

I am just not sure about it as it seems like it needs more to it,  I guess the stretch funding goals will allow them to get the other Robotech related destroids and whatever through.  I just don't like something that has stretch funding goals that give you more stuff to buy.  Warzone seemed to go down that route but at least gave you some savings as the goals were hit. 

I am going to watch this one and see if its something that becomes more enticing.  Though it should be right up my alley I think the Mospedia cyclone bikes in a squad level game would be where my interest is. 

I guess to sum it up show me the super veritech and Mac Monster and then we will talk.

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