Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Some time ago I wrote about my perceived laziness of the Stanford Theatre.  Now I would like to mention a Theater that seems to be kicking all sorts of ass, The Bal Theatre.  The Bal is an older theater that has gone through the Bay Area theater life cycle of first run, discount, and most recently Indian films.  But now it has been resurrected if you will.  Now it is hosting event film nights that are awesome.

For Halloween they are teaming up with a Bay Area film events and someone calling himself Lord Blood-Rah, to deliver two special nights of Halloween films.  Exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for from the Stanford Theatre. 

Bay Area film events is a group that is dedicated to making movies fun again.  They do large events that take an obscure genre and do the hell out of it.  They have done fantastic events with Godzilla and Ultraman.  They even brought in people in suits to battle on stage.  They seem to be hell bent on making the Bal the source for great geek film events in the bay area.  More power to them I say.

Lord Blood Rah is a horror film host in the vein of Bob Wilkins.  I was pretty young and had pretty weird parents, so I didn't see much of Creature Feature as a lad.  I knew Mr. Wilkens as captain cosmic the host of the afternoon kids block.  They had some great Japanese series like the above mentioned Ultraman and sort of geared many of us unsuspecting kids into scifi.  Blood-Rah is more traditional in his approach taking on a character similar to Uncle Creepy from the comics.  He hosts films with stories and trailer reels.  He is not the full blown spook show host that seems to do a show far beyond the movie itself.  It's a bit of a shame I would like to see something like that.

I whole heartedly hope you take a look at the Bal and make a trip to one of their events. 

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