Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 40

Again in the yard Krampus places a Christmas scene.  Jesus in nativity all glowing in saintly sheen. Mary and Joseph stood nearly four foot tall.  Hand carved by Krampus not the crap you get at the mall.  The beast was Bavarian and woodwork in his soul. Even Santa elves would be proud of his toil.

Lights shone like a beacon calling onlookers there.  To wonder at the jolly house and the Christmas in the air. He stole a donkey and a couple of merry pigs, corralling them in the yard quit impressive digs.

The neighbors would soon come to see his work, Krampus hoped on his bike kick starting with a jerk.  Fleeing the scene the monster smiled proud tearing of with the motor running loud.  Back home he wondered what Idunn mights say to a night.  He would tell her later and see if she trembled in Krampus fright

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