Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 39

Silent and stoic Krampus finally took the little girls hand.  The beast asked "why aren't you afraid.  Like any little girl would?"  Idunn thought a moment "I can pretend; do you think I should?"  Krampus snarled disgusted at himself. "She thinks I'm funny silly like an elf!"

The girl told of her watching so many months, even of flowing his little hunts.  How after time the monster was a matter of fact, she even accused the kid eats was just an act.

"No" the beast roared, I'd eat you if allowed. Krampus monstered and menaced and furled his brow.  Idunn just laughed and hugged a hairy leg.  "How did a monster scare this girl did he have to beg?"  She was unrelenting and determined; wouldn't bend.  Krampus finally was forced to let her be his friend.

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