Friday, September 02, 2011

Hello its me

I sort of messed up with my wife the other night.  I went off to do my role playing game instead of helping her when she needed me.   I feel like crap about it.  I am just so dumb when it comes to that sort of thing.  Its like I don't get any of the clues even when they are screamed at me.  I don't know why people are such a mystery to me.  It's like I am an alien and I just don't understand even though I have been watching all my life.  I want to be a kind person, well no really I don't.  I want to love the people I love and treat them great.  I am content being an observer to the people I don't. 

I know its hard to get through to me, Sometimes its just as hard for me to get something out.  Its like there is a wall between me and people and I want my people to know I love them and don't want to be this way.  

I acted live a fool before when something came up with the gaming and now my wife wont tell me when she needs.  I feel like a jack ass whenever this comes up and it keeps coming up.  I wish planet Jim got the messages from planet Earth.

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