Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 20

Mid November some start playing Christmas tunes, but Krampus had been playing them since June.  He had vinyl and Cd's and an ipod loaded full of his favorite Christmas songs.  Playing carols so early wasn't right but he was happy being wrong. 

Late nights he prowled record shops disguised in a hat and giant coat.  Luckily the customers looked mostly the same and even smelled a little of goat. 

He snapped up Christmas records from country to jazz.  Even progressive rock Christmas with Greg Lake and Patrick Moraz.  He bought more Bing Crosby than anyone shout have.  He was together for Christmas with the muppets and Henry Deutchendorf.  Krampus almost got Hanson but a girl made a quick grab.

Riding home the station played Christmas too, Oakridge Boys Christmas from 1982.  Listening to the music he basked in peace, but soon he would be down to business so he switched on number of the beast. 

Image taken from Nothing is too hard for Bob

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