Monday, September 12, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 19

Krampus had a bird on thanksgiving, of which he kept three. The monster wasn't sure if he was Republican or Democrat or even Canadian you see.  But on all he flame broiled a nicely stuffed Tom; Eating it right there with the dog on the lawn.  Krampus wasn't too formal with the feast.  A ping pong table in the back yard was fine for the beast.

The pies were made of jack lanterns long since spoiled. He made the crust from scratch, a long night he toiled. 

The days of the feasts he caught a little nap.  Then waited by the mall and set a little trap.  Black Friday shoppers tasted the best full of thanksgiving dinners from their toes to their chest.  They were concerned with deals not with there kids.  They wouldn't mind just a nibble; so he waited and hid.

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