Thursday, September 15, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 24

Sirens wailed as Krampus cackled through the night.  The last of the cop cars disappearing from sight.   The chase started and was over quick the monster on his motor bike along with Saint Nick.  Claus loosed the Krampus on a Kid from one of the malls.  While visiting Santa he screamed and kicked him in the balls.

These were the nights Krampus loved his Christmas work.  When Father Christmas wasn't a goody goody jerk.  The monster enjoyed being Santa's spite righteously beating kids all through the night.  Krampus pondered a beast work well done, friendly violent fun.

Under the cloudy sky Krampus spied on the house from afar, Santa all the time hid in the motorcycle sidecar. The stockings were hung and they watch the fire crack merry, unaware they were being stalked by someone quit scary.  A Cloven hoof kicked in the door, the police call it a modus operandi.  The children shrieked dropping presents and candy.   The monster grabbed the boy and looked at the mother somewhat randy.  On orders Santa said not a mark, so Krampus beat the bastard with a bag of oranges and tan bark.  After the child moaned in a pulp he looked up at the mom and she gave a loud gulp.The cop cars were her release, who knows what she would have done with the beast.

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