Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 21

Leaning from the sidecar Santa bashed mailboxes swinging a bat.  Krampus laughed and revved the motor making the fat man lose his hat.  The pair sailed down streets laughing and harassing kids and parents too.  You'd be horrified to see what they did at the zoo.  Parents were shocked when Santa flashed them the bird.  Who knew even Santa had hear it's the word.

Krampus bared his hairy rump, Saint Nick offered a Christmasy fist bump.  Elves looked on without a care, the last traces of Christmas jingling from the air.  The day afterword and the deed was done.  Now it was time for Santa and Krampus to have a little fun.

The eleven more days and boxing day would have to wait.  The monster and Kringle didn't much care if they were late.

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