Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 23

Our monster set his dog house with festive delight, rolling out the holly and electric lights.  There was a star and an arrow, gold links garlanded around the tiny house.   He even forced Christmas sweaters on a very frightened mouse. 

His manger was set with more Caganers than two; all trying discreetly to take a Christmas poo.  One looked like john Lennon another like Peggy lee. He searched with out luck for one taking a wee.

Krampus hung wooden raven all along the door.  They were a Christmas tradition from Alaska's chilly shore.  Some he carved with his wicked Krampus claws; other were bought on eBay.  It was all within the law.  The raven represented Jesus to the Tlingit people up north.  Through virgin birth he stolen the sun and for the people brought if forth.

Some would laugh at his metal treetop though hipsters would think it cool. Krampus didn't care, just another way he enjoyed the yule.

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