Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 41

The blood moon found our beast hunting about the streets alone.  Not Christmas, he couldn't touch kids still he hungered for meat and bone.  He tried for cats but they had claws and were to quick for his paws.  Raccoons were tasty but far too sly, he was about to give up when an opossum caught his eye.  The critter was ugly and mean and the possum too.

These pouched rodents were a little dumb and Krampus felt and idea starting to come.  He got some cat food and rigged a trap then waited for the vermin taking a little nap.  Hours later bang came from box, reaching in he found a fat kid crying in shock.  Krampus pulled him up eye to eye, snarling as the kid continued to cry. 

"Whats your name child, be quick don't lie" "Paul Pickle" he stammered dropping his eyes.  Krampus remembered him from the goodie list.  Krampus couldn't take a nibble now he was really pissed.

Krampus sent him on his way warning to avoid his snares. If fatty got home it wasn't one of Krampus cares.  He finally got a wood rat and a few crows.  Not a bad stew as far as roadkill goes.

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