Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 30

Even with lessons some folks don't learn, soon than later another visit was earned.  Krampus again waited deep in the night, to catch the family in solstice eve'y delight.  This time he took the chimney breaking it apart, then bursting in like Santa only evil and dark.  The fire cracked with a bright Krampus plum then burning logs flew into the room. 

Krampus cackled grabbing the boy, taking a bite for his ear with pugilistic joy.  Next was the girl caning her ass, this year she was a bitchy condescending young lass. 

Daddy was punched and knocked out his wind, Mommy took a switch right in the end.  Their phone list at last Krampus took, to visit their friends according to the book.  Lastly Krampus set the manger after strolled out the door, after all it was the reason Christmas was for.

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