Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 29

Krampus claws at the windows menacing the kids, In terror looking outside, krampus cast only a shadow monstrously whilst he hid.  Later scrapping glass with hideous huge claws,  Children fled in horror waking parents to call the Law.  The Beast disappeared for a moment, hoping mad parents would do his work.  But these were the sorts that didn't spank bad children, you know them as jerks.

Well tucked in with water, told it was only dreams; Krampus smiled in their windows delighting in their screams.  They made Dad check for prowlers all through the yard.  Krampus left a present that Daddy stepped in runny not at all hard.  Garden hose washing his foot proved to be a chore, He didn't notice our monster slipping in the door.

The next morning the house was a mess, Krampus had out done himself but it was only a start I must confess.  Stockings were filled with a gift know one liked, The monster had disassembled the kids riding bikes.  A pillow was left in the middle of the living room, out of place, slightly wet and giving off fumes.  He places a fair angel at the top of the tree, topping off the water when he needed to take a wee.

To the carousel Krampus returned the angels rescued from the trash. Finally leaving he threw open the door with a crash.

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