Friday, September 30, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 44

On Burns night Krampus supped with Bigfoot, out in the woods.  Few knew Sasquatch was Scottish! They had a haggis though Krampus was sure it no good.  Compared to haggis even Ludefisk tasted sweet.  It seemed losing a dare the only reason to eat.

Sasquatch was gracious inviting Krampus into his home.  During the serving Bigfoot even recited a poem.  Then a speech and several many toasts.  Krampus brought a few drams of scotch for his seldom seen host.

Our beast sighed sad with a toast to the lasses.  There were none and how Krampus hoped to pinch them on the asses.  Not since sausage in October was such a fest, but For a friend he made the best.

This the last night for Christmas feel far into the new year.  Krampus would be happy for some sleep forgetting the Yule without fear.  He soured on after Christmas office parties, they needed no help going bad. Krampus finally though of Christmas having all that could be had.

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