Monday, September 19, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 27

After the rampage streets were upended, trash cans dumped over flattened and bended.  The monster howled and roar through the night, Waking up toddlers to no parents delight.

If anything it was a warning a reminder he prowled.  More children awoke crying each time he howled.  Perhaps they'd be better knowing he was about, So again he roared with a beastly shout.

Around houses were bad kids dwelled he looked for a tree.  Lifting his leg like a dog and left a pee.  It smelled of brimestone oh very foul. heading off to the next house with a satisfied growl.

On some houses claws carved little runes, festive viking warnings Christmas was coming soon.  This year it would bring something dark, Krampus chuckled after leaving his mark.

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