Thursday, September 22, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 33

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Some garland the halls when they toss up the tree, Others might give a week to adding the house with holiday glee.  Krampus really got started on the day of the dead all full of mole and sweet bread.  The beast rented a huge storage locker, filled to the gills with ornaments oh what a shocker. 

Krampus had different styles and themes loading his shelves, even Japanese knee hugging elves.  He could put on a sixties lounge Christmas with glitz and flair, even a sad little forties Christmas when war was in the air.

The monster had Sears wish book from every year, yes he had Montgomery Wards and Penny's you needn't fear.  Some had toys circled, he would have liked as a lad; but Krampus never got presents he was Always bad.

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