Thursday, September 29, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 43

Krampus wasn't and elf nor good with his hands but krampus helped charity in ways he can.  Big toy stores all filled with Christmas rush, Krampus encouraged shoppers donate or blood would gush.

At Christmas toys for tots left out a bin, Krampus made sure each and every person tossed a couple of toys in.  The monster didn't talk or say a word, just swished his switch lightly the message clearly heard. A couple of teenagers tried to sneak by they were unhurt mostly, just a blackened eye.

One night Idunn trotted up with an unwrapped toy, the monster cracked a little smile to the girls bounding joy.  Her parents hurried off worried Krampus may eat her, but Idunn knew there was no reason to fear.

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