Friday, September 09, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 17

With watching Krampus for so long Idunn had grown brave and strong.  One day she decided to march down, look the monster in the eye, extend a hand and say hi.  When she did Krampus was confused, Kids should be scared of him, not amused.  At first he huffed then finally he said hello.  Being nice as a monster could through really he wished she'd go.

Idunn introduced herself by name waiting politely for the beast to do the same.  When Krampus finally did it was curt.  Idunn not being afraid, the monster was really hurt. But she kept at him with a smile and the innocence of a child.

Christmas lights glowed around the eaves, with Krampus making small talk hoping the girl would leave.  She had been good and the beast couldn't eat her.  Santa wouldn't allow it of that Krampus was sure. 

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