Thursday, September 08, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 16

The Ahwahnee held a fine Christmas feast, and all the medieval merriment called to the beast. Krampus visited in the dark of night, knowing his monstrous site would cause a fright. He peered in through the windows cracking as sash, and dinner on left overs and trash. He enjoyed the evening it was all so fun, but where was the terror. Of fear there was none.

The peacock pie had been served to all when Krampus stormed the hall. He battered the house keep and flattened th' lord of misrule. All the fancy dinners would remember this yule. He grabbed a banker and gave him the lash. Buggering his wife with a rod made of ash.

When all the nice banners lay broken and torn, Krampus flew away his welcome growing worn. Hooting and hollering a menacing "Grus vom Krampus" that night.

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