Thursday, September 29, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 42

Krampus held a few managers in a hole for a few weeks.  It was dark with spiders and long ago started to reek.  The monster whipped them every few nights, those the only moments they saw light.

In a meeting they decided no party for the Yule, the reason; the economy had been very cruel.  Wisely giving themselves a raise for all the money they had saved. None thought of spending their own dime.  The workers would understand, they would be fine.

They denied a small Christmas thanks, a crime Krampus though rank.  This wasn't charity it was earned, Krampus's monstrous fury burned. 

Our Beast heard of this rounded up the villains.  Lashing entitled asses until blood was spillin.  One soiled himself for which Krampus took a kidney, mailing  it overnight to a dialysis patient in Sydney.

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