Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 14

Great claws turned over a tasty shank and pulled off a forgotten sneaker with a yank.  The monster was cooked up a mouth watering stew with an ill behaved eight year old or two.  He threw them in cloths and all, merrily chuckling when they started to bawl.  Then Krampus tossed onions and kale; tasting the soup to the last of the wails.  Finally done Krampus thought, boiled up kids sure hit the spot.

T'was a special feast for Leif Erickson's day. Though Krampus was Germanic , he feasted anyway.  Odin was a friend from long ago, he hadn't seen him lately;  why he didn't know.  He dressed up a viking and pillaged neighborhood trash finally coming home with a rash.

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