Friday, September 16, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 26

Krampus shoved up dog crap with Christmas glee, packaging each in a nicely wrapped bag you see.  The tossed them down the chimney when Santa was mad, to add something special to tidings joyous and glad.  A special touch the beast added to the holiday.  Krampus's merry mark to a night gentle and gay.

Hurry filled the frigid air it was the day before Christmas all was toil.  The Krampus must polish his chains and boil the oil.  Knives mush be sharp and claws nice and dirty.  There wasn't time for Ms. Deroon no time to be flirty.

Krampus chewed on a bone then gave it to the dog, stretching his arms there were children to flog.  He did some deep bends then touched his toes, Christmas wasn't a time for cramps when you rained down blows.

It wasn't quit dark when the fat man sleighed through the yard, Ho ho'ing to Krampus the fat tub of lard.

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