Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back in the Village again

I am not one to get into politics here on the blog.  I think you can tell from the writing I am someone who feels suspicious about everyone else. I just don't think what I am feeling is what all the rest of you feel, or it would be a very different place.

To the 99% you scare me.  I may not like the 1% but I want to believe I have a path to become one. Somehow I see whatever comes out of this, I will be less able to succeed as I may like.  Also if you are complaining about Jobs this is going to hurt you.  Often enough you see the media talking negatively about generation Y in terms of employment.  There is a view of entitlement true or not.  This will be seen as a hissy fit.

To the 1% you are assholes too.  Outsourcing and Layoffs are detrimental to our country.  They should not be good for stocks.  You shouldn't be able to bet a stock will go down and make money.  Those things are bad for us all.  I would  destroy this world for my daughters good, you should feel the same about our country.  Support it!

I don't want either of you speaking for me.  I don't want a number but if I must take one how about number 6. I'm not a number, I'm free.  If only to have an unheard voice of my own.

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